Wind Spinners 2009-present

Wind Spinners operates on a similar principal as Headlights, in which a text is rearranged using information from the environment. In this piece, words are chosen according to wind speed and appear on a spinning aluminum turbine. The turbine, which hangs from a tree outside, performs persistence of vision with LED lights. Wind will be powering the piece, choosing the words and allowing the persistence of vision to occur.  

 As with all of my text pieces, the message becomes less important than accidental rhythms, repetitions and slippages of meaning.  Here, the feeling of the wind fuses with patterns in the language. In both Wind Spinners and Minor Rhythms Within, the simplicity of the technology is significant. Neither requires a computer or commercial sensors. Rather than applying technology towards a towards a preconceived use, the ideas for these systems come from experimenting with electronics. The simplicity of the materials also allows this piece to be installed anywhere, left and forgotten. As with Souvenirs from Dreams, I am attracted to the idea of leaving the work to be discovered accidently.  

Wind Spinners, 2009–present
Video Documentation