Souvenirs From Dreams October 2008

One dreamlike day, I wrote down the events of the day as if the day had been a dream, lending significance to details.  Initially, this piece took the form of a performance. After reading the narrative, I passed around a box of objects collected during the day. Later, I had the opportunity to site the work in an old science building.  In the second version of the piece, the objects were affixed to RFID tags.  When the objects were placed on a scale, a video would play on an old television.  Because equipment, half finished experiments, notes and labels had been left throughout the building, I used similar notes and labels to guide the audience to listen to a recording of the story, unlock a laboratory door and then place the objects on the scale.  The work ran 24 hours a days for several weeks, possibly to be discovered accidentally.

Souvenirs From Dreams, October 2008
Video Documentation