Who is Making Art November 2008

In this piece, I wore a heart rate monitor in my daily life.  The monitor wirelessly sent data to a small camera that was sewn into a vest.  When my heart was within a certain range, a picture was taken.

At the time, I was interested in the experience of feeling vulnerable or honest, of wearing my heart on my sleeve, in the sense that the pictures would reveal my unconscious reactions. This project turned out to be more technically difficult than I expected.  Rather than wearing the vest for one extended block of time, I was constantly fixing the electronics and testing and trying different algorithms.  Regardless, the process of testing made me more aware of my heart rate, and this awareness became more significant than the vulnerability that I expected to feel.  For example, one algorithm caused a picture to be taken whenever I had been still and concentrating for an extended period of time, but then broke off this concentration. These ideas carried over to Minor Rhythms Within. 

Who Is Making Art?, November 2008
Microcontroller and Camera Circuit
Heartrate>120, Images taken over one day